What to Expect

What to Expect

The First Dental Visit: Setting A Healthy Foundation

Why parents may delay the age 1 dental visit:

  • Parents may feel that the child does not have any presenting concerns or “enough” teeth
  • They may worry about the success of the appointment because the child may be too young to cooperate
  • There is also a general lack of awareness on the importance of the age 1 visit and of primary (baby) teeth

What happens during the first visit with the pediatric dentist:

  • Determine your child’s cavity risk
  • Detailed medical/dental intake
  • Tips on brushing
  • Evaluate for oral conditions such as  pathology, tongue/lip tie, cavities
  • Answer a range of questions- fluoride, pacifiers, diet, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, sippy cups, how to handle dental/mouth injuries, teething
  • Provide a clinically appropriate tooth cleaning and fluoride varnish application; imaging if indicated

Preparing Your Child
What to Expect