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Dr. Kapoor had the privilege of training at the world-renowned Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC.  Her expertise and dedication lies in providing care to patients with sensory issues, Autism, Down Syndrome and craniofacial abnormalities such as Cleft Lip/Palate.  Her years in private practice has allowed her to truly hone in on her skills to desensitize her patients and help families work together in ensuring a positive visit for their children. She also works closely with other specialty providers in pediatric GI, neurology, speech, occupational therapy, and ENT as way to best treat her patients in a collaborative manner.  Dr. Kapoor specifically designed the office to cater to children with special health care needs, using calming office colors, allergen free dental materials, and making wheelchair accessible operatories/dental chair. In addition, Dr. Kapoor trains her staff extensively in obtaining a thorough intake over the phone so appointments are made at optimal times of the day, as well as, being able to provide resources such as ‘social stories’ to best prepare for appointents.