What to Expect

What to Expect

Preparing Your Child for the Visit

We know you are the expert on your child.  Our primary goal is to work together in creating a pleasant dental experience.  We truly believe that parents working alongside the doctor are instrumental in shaping each visit.

We recommend some guidelines to help produce a positive outcome and ensure the development of good rapport between us and your child.

  1. We encourage scheduling a child four years or younger for their first visit or any treatment visits earlier in the day. As experts in the field we know that children respond better to treatment when they are well rested.

    With that said, the dentist and her staff understand parental work obligations as well as school obligations. She and her staff will take those into consideration so the end result will be best for the child and you will get the most out of your visit.

  2. Allow us to prepare your child with the specifics of the appointment. We strongly advise parents not to discuss their own dental experiences with their child. Avoid negative words such as pain, shot, drill, pull, etc. If you choose to use books, videos, etc., we highly recommend that you consult the doctor and her staff, as they are privy to how each visit will proceed.

  3. Be positive and proactive. We realize that you may have varying concerns going into the visit.  Please take the time to express these to the doctor and to her staff to best serve your child.  We feel privileged to entrust care for your child into our hands.  The pediatric dentist and her staff are specifically trained to deal with children across all medical and behavioral backgrounds.