What to Expect

What to Expect

Mission: Our objectives are to provide exquisite patient care in a kind and gentle manner and strive to integrate the importance of oral health care into overall wellness. At Hoboken Smile Specialists, your child will receive the most comprehensive and coordinated pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care all in the same location.

Philosophy:  Our doctors practice with three guiding principles.

Taking a look at the big picture.

  • Our doctors’ goal is to provide excellent care by taking into account all aspects of the child – medical, social, behavioral.
  • We specialize in the care of all infants to adolescents and specifically children who are medically compromised and/or have special health care needs.

Team Approach

  • It is essential for the doctors to have parents be part of the discussion involving the care of their child.
  • This entails an open delivery of information and professional guidance by the clinician.
  • The dental team, doctor, and staff along with the patient and his/her family are all part of the decision of what’s best for the patient.


  • All our doctors prioritize keeping up-to-date with the latest academic research and technological advances to best serve our patients.
  • Stemming from our unique background and interests in naturopathy and holistic health, we are open-minded to discussing various treatment options.
  • As a practice, we want parents/caregivers to feel comfortable discussing topics openly with one main objective – the best interest of the child.